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Graphic design
& creative studio.

Turning abstract concepts
into meaningful visuals.

Graphic design & creative studio. Turning abstract concepts into meaningful visuals.

Mimaa — Island Def Jam

Logo, custom type design.
In use by Mimaa, live concerts, video clips and Instagram posts.

Les Trésors de Gilberte, vol. 1 + vol. 2

Art direction, editorial design, cover and layout design. 160 × 250 mm, 248 pages.
Typefaces: Kalice, Margot Levêque, 2018. Snell Roundhand, Matthew Carter, 1966. Maison Neue Book, Timo Gaessner, 2017.

Alula intérieurs

Logo design, naming, brand consulting.
Typefaces: Whyte Inktrap, Dinamo, 2019. Poppins, Jonny Pinhorn, 2018.

Cryptids — Nihilist

Art direction, cover design. 3D artworks by Clément Perdigon.
Typefaces: Druk Text Wide Super, Berton Hasebe, 2013. MK Amour, Jules Morin, 2018. catalogue

Artwork design, editorial design. Collaboration with Floriane Rousselot.
All typefaces available on

Prosa Ex

Type design. 135 glyphs, regular, latin alphabet.
Designed in 2020.

The Whispers Project

Master's degree project. Art direction, editorial design, photography.
40 Useless objects: 195 × 280 mm, 188 pages. Logbook: 120 × 180 mm, 70 pages.
Typefaces: Akzidenz-Grotesk, Günter Gerhard Lange, 1896. Ogg, Lucas Sharp, 2013. gc16, Mads Wildgaard, 2016.

Ædia world is an independent graphic design and creative studio run by Léa de Pannemacker, currently based in Australia, that performs as local as remote. Innovation and adaptability are the studio's fundamentals to create authentic, sensitive, bold and unique stories.

Practicing art direction, graphic design, branding/logo design, editorial design, custom/type design, webdesign as well as digital design, and creating for industries such as music, fashion, architecture, innovative start-ups and hospitality, open-mindedness is our creed.

Selected clients: Island Def Jam, Mercure Hotels,,, Alula intérieurs, Nihilist, EvaEngines and more.

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Design & development:
Léa de Pannemacker

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